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Lady smiling whilst holding her clear Invisalign aligners

16th December 2021

Invisalign: The Ultimate Goal

Here at our dental practice, we know a thing or two about Invisalign. In fact, it’s one of our most popular treatments and we love to see its fantastic results time and time again on our patients. If you’re new to the blog, new to Invisalign, or simply researching your options, read on to find out more about this fantastic treatment and how it could benefit your smile. 

1. It’s an easy treatment

Following a consultation and quick teeth check, most of our patients here in Tunbridge Wells are suitable for treatment. We’ll create digital images of your teeth, work out how to subtly move these over time, and create a picture of your predicted results using state of the art software. We’ll then have your Invisalign aligners created for you, so all that’s left to do is put them in. 

2. It’s highly discreet

Our patients enjoy having discreet treatment and with Invisalign, it’s highly likely others won’t know you’re having it. That’s because each aligner is crafted from clear acrylic, making it almost invisible against your teeth. Providing you don’t eat while wearing them or smoke, the aligners shouldn’t discolour either – so you can have treatment privately. 

3. It’s great for teens

Teenagers and adults alike sign up for Invisalign treatment. That’s because it’s flexible and easy. Teen Invisalign aligners also have an indicator to show they’ve had the correct amount of wear during treatment. It’s a great option for parents who want peace of mind that their child is wearing the aligners for the full 20-22 hours each day. 

4. It’s easy to take care of

Invisalign aligners couldn’t be easier to look after: simply rinse on removal, store in their case when not being worn and ensure you soak them regularly in Invisalign cleaning crystals or a denture solution. You can even use a soft toothbrush to give them a gentle once-over, but never apply toothpaste or harsh chemicals or abrasives: they can weaken the acrylic or could cause staining (not to mention could damage your gums or teeth when in your mouth).

5. It’s available now

The technology is here and it’s loved by everyday people just as much as celebrities. In fact, millions of people have already undergone Invisalign treatment all over the world. If you’re interested in having it yourself – and seeing how fantastic your results could be – then book a virtual consultation with our team here in Tunbridge Wells today. We’re looking forward to creating your perfect smile. 

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