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22nd December 2022

New patients: Taking your child to the dentist

Your child’s first dental appointment 

As part of our New Patients series, we explore everything you need to know before taking your child to the dentist. 

From what to expect at their first appointment to supporting them through to young adulthood, our trusted dentists are here to guide both you and your child.

When should I start taking my child to the dentist?

There is no exact age that you should take your child to their first dental appointment. Here at The Town House Dental Practice, we will warmly welcome your child once their first milk teeth come through. Children between the ages of 0-4 will be treated for free at our practice if their parent is a registered patient of ours.

It is essential that you take your child to the dentist from a young age, as it will help them become used to the environment. Once their first milk teeth begin to show, please contact our practice in Kent to register your child and book their first appointment. 

What do I do if my child is nervous before their first dental appointment?

Children easily pick up on their parent’s anxiety, so it’s best to only talk about the dentist in a positive way. If you show that you are feeling nervous, they may start feeling nervous too.

Even small things like letting your child bring along their favourite toy or cuddly animal to their appointment can help to ease their nerves.

You will be able to accompany your child to their appointment. They can sit in the chair by themselves or on your lap. We aim to make each child’s visit to our practice a fun experience. Whether it is your child’s first visit or they’ve seen us before, our friendly team will work hard to show them they have nothing to be nervous about.

It is important to take your child to the dentist, even if they are nervous. Going to the dentist will slowly become a less daunting experience over time. Our Kent dentists will work hard to build a strong relationship with both you and your child. We aim to make taking your child to the dentist something to look forward to.

What should I expect from my child’s first dental appointment?

Your child’s first dental appointment allows us to connect with your child and get to know them. If they are uncomfortable, we’ll do everything we can to put them at ease. However your child is feeling, our experienced team will always do what is best to keep them calm and feeling positive.

If your child is comfortable enough, we will take a look at their newly erupted teeth to check that everything is developing as it should be. One of our dentists in Kent will feel around their gum line and talk to you about any oral health issues that could be arising. 

Your child’s first dental appointment is a chance for you to ask any questions about keeping their mouth, teeth and gums healthy. 

What can I expect from my child’s future appointments?

Here at The Town House Dental Practice, we’re here to support your child through to adulthood. No matter how old your child is, our friendly team will proudly provide them with the advice and guidance they need to maintain a healthy smile. 

We’ve put together some of the things you can expect from your child’s future appointments at our Tunbridge Wells practice.

Ages 5-10

Did you know that almost half of British 8-year-olds have visible signs of tooth decay? Between the ages of 5-10, your child will lose several baby teeth. As new teeth start appearing, it is important that their health is monitored. We will check your child’s smile for any early signs of tooth decay and advise them on the best way to look after their teeth. This may include advice on diet and how to brush correctly.

Ages 11-18

Most of your child’s adult teeth will come through during the ages of 11-18. They may have been recommended braces to straighten their teeth at this age. During this developmental stage, our experienced dentists are on hand to provide your child with advice and guidance on preventing oral health issues like gum disease. We may also recommend a hygiene appointment. 

To learn more about what to expect when taking your child to our dental practice in Kent, please click here.

Affordable payment plans for families

For optimal dental health, we offer practice plans to help spread the costs of regular dental treatment. Our plans cover your child’s annual dental health check-ups as well as an emergency appointment, if required. 

Our youth dental plans run from the age of five and up to 17, starting from only £6.10 per month and we also offer young adult (18-22 years old) and adult plans. Click to find out more about our dental care payment plans.

Book your child’s appointment today

Please contact our practices in Tunbridge Wells and Brighton & Hove to book your child’s first appointment. Our friendly team will look after your child all the way through to adulthood. When they turn 18, we will continue to advise and monitor their oral health, supporting them through exams, university and their first job.

Let us help your child maintain their beautiful smile throughout life. To learn more about our children’s dental appointments, call and speak to a member of our team. We look forward to hearing from you.

Author – The Town House Dental Practice