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Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple yet effective way for a brighter and more radiant smile, you’re in safe hands with our highly experienced dental professionals. Equip with safe and advanced teeth whitening dental technology, aiming to lift stains and discolouration, revealing breathtaking results from a flawless smile. Trust Town House Dental for a professional whitening experience that is tailored to your unique needs and delivers stunning, long-lasting results. Discover the power of a brighter, more confident smile. Schedule your teeth whitening consultation at our locations in Kent and Brighton and Hove.

Innovative teeth whitening in Tunbridge Wells and Brighton & Hove

We offer the most popular, effective and affordable cosmetic teeth whitening treatments in Tunbridge Wells and Brighton & Hove, to help you achieve a brighter and whiter smile with our in-surgery Philips Zoom teeth whitening.

The process of teeth whitening at the dentist is a safe, reliable and highly effective treatment that results in a brighter, more confident smile and improved self-esteem. At The Town House, we can provide both in-house whitening or take-home whitening, whichever best suits your needs.

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Teeth Whitening Options

Zoom home whitening

The whitening process begins with creating a mouthguard from a mould of your teeth.
You can then whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home using whitening solutions and your bespoke, custom tray.

Enlighten whitening

Our most popular method of teeth whitening is our Enlighten system. We guarantee you a B1 shade (the most natural white shade), in two weeks using our premium Enlighten whitening treatment.

Zoom in-surgery whitening

In just over one hour, Philips Zoom! in-surgery whitening provides you with whiter teeth of at least 6-8 shades and you don’t have to do any of the work! When a light or laser is shone on the teeth the chemical within is activated, changing the colour of the teeth quickly and effectively.The ‘wow’ factor is almost instant.


Zoom home whitening £350

Enlighten whitening £550

Zoom in-surgery whitening £605


Teeth Whitening Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do dentists whiten teeth?

    There are different ways to brighten your smile, ranging from at-home gels and pastes to in-clinic solutions that use a special laser. We offer 3 whitening treatments:

    • Zoom in-surgery whitening – this uses a laser or light to brighten teeth by 6-8 shades in just over 1 hour
    • Zoom home whitening – we take a mould of your teeth in surgery, then create trays to use with an at-home solution
    • Enlighten whitening – we guarantee the most natural white shade, B1, in just 2 weeks
  2. How does teeth whitening work?

    Teeth whitening in Tunbridge Wells is essentially a bleaching process, which breaks down stains into smaller elements, helping to make any discolouration less concentrated for a brighter, whiter smile.

  3. How long does teeth whitening last?

    It varies and depends on your diet and lifestyle. While in many patients the effects can last several years, those who smoke, and drink staining liquids (coffee, red wine etc.), find their results may dull, stain or wear off more quickly.

  4. Is teeth whitening safe?

    Yes, this treatment is safe when carried out by a qualified dental professional, such as the team at The Town House Dental Practice in Tunbridge Wells.

  5. Does teeth whitening hurt?

    No, the process of whitening isn’t painful, but some patients experience passing sensitivity.

  6. Is teeth whitening treatment suitable for me?

    Teeth whitening may not be suitable for people who have sensitive teeth, as the treatment can cause increased sensitivity for a short while afterwards. You can discuss your suitability with one of our dentists by trying our free virtual consultation service or contacting on of our practices for a consultation by clicking here.

  7. How often should you whiten your teeth?

    At The Town House, we provide in-surgery teeth whitening and convenient at-home solutions. The frequency of use will be guided by our dental professionals to ensure optimal results without compromising your dental health. For personalised advice on maintaining a bright, radiant smile, consult with our team at The Town House.

  8. Can you eat after teeth whitening?

    Following teeth whitening, it’s advisable to steer clear of dark or staining foods and drinks for the initial 24 to 48 hours to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment. Opt for lighter alternatives during this period and maintain meticulous oral hygiene care.

  9. Can you have teeth whitening when pregnant?

    If you are pregnant we would recommend delaying your teeth whitening until after your pregnancy. Your dentist will discuss all options at your consultation.

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    “I had teeth whitening done here and it was a great experience! I left after a couple of hours with much whiter teeth and the staff were all so friendly and put me at ease straight away! Highly recommend.”

    Livvie Hannah Louise

    “Still providing excellent dental services in these difficult times and the journey from Norfolk is never going to become a chore! Thanks, again, for everything”

    John Allen

    “From the administration and reception staff to the dental staff, everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The clinical quality is excellent and the standards throughout are very impressive. Highly recommended!”

    Tim Stevens

    “Exceptional service; going above and beyond by delivering the products I needed to my house. I had my teeth whitened here and am extremely happy with the results”