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7th September 2021

5 Reasons To Choose Our Private Dentist In Tunbridge Wells

Looking for a private dentist in Tunbridge Wells? Find out 5 reasons to choose us and why you’ll love our dental practice – for any dental need.

1) We’re pain-free

We know that so many of our patients here in Tunbridge Wells feel nervous about a visit to the private dentist, and some avoid coming altogether. In fact, we’ve seen cases where patients have put off going to their private dentist for so long that a dental niggle has become extremely problematic!

We always focus on pain-free care. We treat each and every patient how we’d like to be treated, and put your comfort and peace of mind at the forefront of all our procedures. We like to carry out gentle dentistry, and always keep our practice calm and stress-free.

2) We put you first

We listen to our patients. Whether you’re concerned about an element of your treatment, you’re interested in something we offer (such as teeth whitening) or you simply need dental advice, our private dentists offer a confidential ear and will give you any help or tips you need to care for your smile at the same time.

3) We’re fair

We think dentistry should be affordable for everyone – yes, even a trip to the private dentists! That’s why we price our treatments fairly and honestly, never hiding our fees, and always being upfront about any costs you may incur from treatment. We’ll also give you financial options for paying for your care, as well as a full written breakdown of your treatment costs. In other words, there are no hidden surprises with our dental practice; what you see is what you get!

4) We don’t discriminate

All ages are welcome at our Tunbridge Wells dental practice and we often treat the whole family, from Gran and Grandpa through to the little ones. As well as this, we don’t judge you on your oral health – even if you’ve been lax with your care or neglectful of your smile. Whatever your age or the state of your mouth, teeth and gums, we’re here to help create a happy, healthy smile.

5) We’re here for you

Our private dentists  proudly serve Tunbridge Wells and beyond, offering fantastic care in and around the area. Whether you’re interested in everyday dentistry or want a private dentist for an aesthetic treatment, we’ll help you look and feel your absolute best, and renew your confidence in your smile at the same time.

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