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Invisalign aligners being put into their case

5th April 2022

How To Clean Invisalign: Dos & Dont’s

Your Guide to Cleaning Your Invisalign Aligners

Looking for professional, private dental care? You’ve come to the right place. At our leading dental practices, located in Tunbridge Wells and Brighton & Hove, we offer a range of treatments to our fantastic patients. Whether you’re already one of our patients or researching new treatments everyone is welcome.

So you’ve started Invisalign treatment, or are reading up before you do? Great! Our dental team will be behind you at every stage of your journey, from support with your aligners, to carrying out dental check-ups and giving you advice and information during your treatment to makes the process that bit easier.  Today, we’re focusing on how to clean your Invisalign aligners, which is every bit as important as caring for your smile. Here’s what we recommend so you can make sure you’re cleaning your invisalign aligners the right way. Whether looking to join a dental practice in or around Tunbridge Wells and want to see what we offer, read on to find out about five of our most popular treatments.

1. Rinsing (and repeating)

– Do: rinse your Invisalign throughout the day when you need to take them out. It’s a great, healthy habit to get into and will keep you on top of the daily cleaning needed.
– Do: make sure you rinse your clear braces when you remove them for eating, chewing or drinking (other than water). This prevents them from becoming stained, trapping food particles, and potentially breaking in the mouth.
– Do: use warm, not hot, water. If the temperature of the water is too high, you risk warping (twisting) the material. 

2. Brushing

Do: use a toothbrush – providing it’s a soft-bristled one – to help to gently lift away trapped food particles and any ‘debris’ that might have gathered in the pits and grooves of your Invisalign.
– Do: ensure you brush at least once a day, and use a gentle soap at the same time if you wish.
– Don’t: use anything harsh or abrasive on your toothbrush, which could damage or scratch the acrylic. 

3. Soaking

– Do: soak your Invisalign in cleaning crystals or denture solution every couple of days.
– Do: make sure you still wear your Invisalign aligners for 20-22 hours per day, as advised by your dentist. Too many breaks or not enough wear could disrupt treatment.
– Don’t: soak your aligners in hot water, or use a dishwasher to clean your aligners. As mentioned earlier, warping can occur.
– Don’t: soak in mouthwash or harsh cleaners. If in doubt, talk to our dentists about cleaning products. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Your Invisalign

  1. How often do I need to clean my Invisalign?
    Clean your Invisalign aligners daily with a soft toothbrush and mild soap.
  2. Is it okay to clean your Invisalign with toothpaste or mouthwash?
    Avoid using toothpaste or mouthwash to clean your Invisalign, as they may contain abrasive ingredients which can discolour your aligners.
  3. Is it normal for Invisalign to get dirty?
    It’s normal for Invisalign aligners to accumulate plaque and bacteria, so regular cleaning is essential.
  4. Where can I get denture solution from?
    Denture solution can be purchased at most pharmacies or online for cleaning Invisalign aligners. See our recommended solution you can purchase from Amazon.
  5. Is it okay to leave my Invisalign in water?
    Avoid leaving your Invisalign aligners in water for extended periods, as it may damage them.
  6. How do I stop my aligners from smelling?
    To prevent aligners from smelling, rinse them thoroughly after removal and store them in a clean, dry case.
  7. Is there any way I can clean my aligners other than brushing?
    Apart from brushing, you can also soak your aligners in a denture cleaning solution for additional cleaning along with using a sonic cleaner to help remove any plaque build up.

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Author – The Town House Dental Practice