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11th November 2021

Invisalign Vs Braces

As a leading dental practice in Tunbridge Wells, our expert dentists are both skilled and knowledgeable in Invisalign clear braces. But, with so much to choose from, our patients often ask us what the best option is for their smile. Here, we’ll compare Invisalign clear braces with traditional fixed braces, so you can make a confident decision about your treatment.


There’s a big difference in the appearance of Invisalign clear braces and fixed braces. That’s because traditionally, fixed braces are made from metal, with metal wires and brackets, while Invisalign braces are crafted from a clear acrylic. Our patients love how discreet this makes their Invisalign treatment.


Invisalign clear retainers are made for each stage of your treatment. The programme anticipates each tooth movement and designs your aligners around the progression of your treatment, and they’re made to fit around your teeth and gums. Traditional fixed braces have wires to trim and brackets to tighten, and can feel uncomfortable or rub in the mouth.


Because Invisalign creates a treatment programme, with aligners made for each stage, it’s a predictable way to straighten your smile. Millions of people all around the world have had successful Invisalign treatment, and hundreds of those have used our dentists here in Tunbridge Wells.


Invisalign themselves say their costs are comparable to fixed metal braces, but the factors that influence the price of your treatment tend to relate to the complexity of your case and the length of treatment needed. We’ll always be upfront about your treatment cost and can even offer finance to those over 18 through Financing First dental finance.


Imagine being able to take your braces out any time you like. That’s exactly the case with Invisalign, which easily slip on and off your teeth. Take them out for eating, drinking and short breaks, and for daily cleaning. You’ll need 20-22 hours’ wear per day, which our dentists can advise on, but the longer you can wear them, the better the treatment outcome.

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