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Demonstrating how enlighten teeth whitening solution is used by adding to your retainer

14th February 2024

Professional Teeth Whitening: What to Expect

Are you considering professional teeth whitening to enhance your smile? If so, you’re not alone. Many adults are seeking ways to achieve a brighter, whiter smile and boost their confidence. In this blog, we’ll explore what to expect when getting your teeth professionally whitened at the dentist, addressing common concerns and providing insight into the process from consultation to aftercare.

Exploring Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to whitening your teeth leaving you with instant results. When choosing to have teeth whitening with an experienced dentist at The Town House, patients can choose from a  three whitening options, including in-surgery treatments and at-home whitening kits. Our whitening options provide flexibility for our patients for both cost and time along with addressing each patients needs and preferences.

Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Explore the range of professional teeth whitening treatments we offer at The Town House Dental Practice in Tunbridge Wells and Brighton & Hove

1. Phillip Zoom! At Home Whitening

If you’re interested in whitening your teeth from home or simply topping up your teeth whitening, Phillip Zoom home whitening packs are perfect. Unlike teeth whitening products you can buy online or in-store, Phillip Zoom whitening contains 6-10% hydrogen peroxide which whitens your teeth and can only be prescribed by dentists in the UK. 

There are a range of Phillip Zoom! At home whitening packs, including Day and Night, which your dentist will recommend after your consultation. Once you have your mouthguard you can simply add the whitening solution as recommended by your dentist.

2. Phillip Zoom! In-Surgery Whitening

In just over two hours, Philips Zoom! In-surgery whitening provides teeth that are noticeably whiter by 6-8 shades, all without any effort on your part! With the activation of a special light, the whitening gel works swiftly and effectively to transform the colour of your teeth in just two hours. Sit back in the chair, watch a movie for two hours and leave with a brighter smile.

3. Enlighten Whitening 

Our most popular method of teeth whitening is our Enlighten system. Using at-home Enlighten teeth whitening solutions, we guarantee you a B1 shade (the most natural white shade), within two weeks. 

Navigating the Professional Whitening Process

1. Consultation: 

The journey a brighter and whiter smile starts with a consultation with a dental professional. During this initial appointment, the dentist evaluates the patient’s oral health, discusses their whitening goals, and explores suitable treatment options. This personalised approach ensures that the whitening procedure aligns with the patient’s individual needs and expectations.

2. Preparation:

Prior to your whitening procedure, it’s essential to ensure your teeth are in optimal condition. This may involve scheduling a hygiene appointment to address any plaque or tartar buildup and ensure your teeth are clean and ready for whitening. Additionally, any necessary dental work, such as fillings or restorations, should be completed beforehand to ensure the best possible results.

3. In-Surgery Whitening & Digital Scans for Trays:

Experience the transformative power of in-surgery whitening, where advanced technology and professional expertise combine to deliver stunning results in just two hours. During this appointment, digital scans will also be taken to create custom-fitted whitening trays for at-home use. If opting for home whitening alone, this appointment will focus solely on digital scans for the trays.

4. Receive Trays and Whitening Solutions:

Following your in-surgery whitening session or digital scans appointment, you’ll receive custom-fitted whitening trays along with professional-grade whitening solutions. These trays are designed to fit snugly over your teeth, ensuring even distribution of the whitening gel for consistent and effective results.

5. At-Home Whitening or Top-Up:

With your custom trays and whitening solutions in hand, you have the flexibility to continue your whitening journey in the comfort of your own home. Follow your dentist’s instructions for at-home whitening, using the provided trays and solutions to maintain and enhance your results. For those seeking a quick touch-up or additional brightness, periodic top-up treatments can be easily incorporated into your oral care routine.

Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance

After professional teeth whitening, it’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene practices to preserve the results and prevent future staining. This includes brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and using a whitening toothpaste as recommended by the dentist. Additionally, routine dental visits are crucial for early detection and prevention of dental problems. Dental professionals can identify issues before they become serious and provide personalised recommendations to improve oral health.

Understanding Teeth Whitening Costs

Professional teeth whitening costs can vary depending on the treatment chosen. Although professional whitening may initially seem more expensive than at-home options, it can be more cost-effective in the long run due to its effectiveness and long-lasting results, as well as the safer option for long-term use. 

To view the fees of our professional teeth whitening treatments, visit our fees page. 

While professional teeth whitening is generally safe, it’s essential to acknowledge potential risks and limitations associated with the procedure. These may include temporary tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or uneven whitening results. It’s crucial to consult with a dentist before undergoing any whitening treatments to ensure it aligns with individual oral health needs and address any concerns or questions.

In conclusion, professional teeth whitening offers a safe, effective, and supervised approach to achieving a brighter, more confident smile. By understanding the options available, navigating the whitening process, and maintaining good oral hygiene practices, individuals can enjoy long-lasting results and improved overall oral health. Consulting with a dentist is key to addressing any concerns, ensuring personalised treatment, and achieving optimal whitening outcomes.

If you want to find out if professional teeth whitening is suitable for you, get in touch with your local Town House Dental Practice to book your assessment and start your journey to a brighter smile.