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16th June 2021

What Is Composite Bonding?

Also known as ‘edge bonding’, the composite bonding process involves placing tooth-coloured material over your teeth to reshape your smile. Today, our dedicated dentists here in Tunbridge Wells answer some commonly asked questions about composite bonding treatment, from how long results last to how much it costs.

Why have composite bonding?

Our patients opt for composite bonding when they want to create a smile that’s more uniform. It can be carried out as part of a smile makeover treatment, alongside procedures such as Invisalign braces, or on its own. It’s often recommended for those who have slight chips in their teeth.

Does composite bonding hurt?

It’s a pain-free, minimally invasive treatment, which means you can enjoy fantastic results without any discomfort – and no need for anaesthetic.

Is composite bonding expensive?

Our prices start from just £250* a tooth. Many patients have treatment on the upper front four teeth, as these are often the most noticeable of the smile.

Can you whiten composite bonding?

No, so teeth whitening is carried out beforehand. Then, the composite can simply be colour-matched to the new shade.

What happens during treatment?

The material used is a type of resin that’s applied to your teeth as a putty, then hardened under UV light. It can be expertly shaped and sculpted before being ‘set’ in place.

Will I need to have my teeth done again?

Yes, though most patients find the treatment lasts up to 7 years. Of course, this depends on factors like diet and lifestyle – so for lasting results, anything that could crack or chip the teeth.

Why choose you?

Our talented dentists here in Tunbridge Wells have years of combined experience and offer the very best in dental care – all while ensuring you have a range of cutting-edge cosmetic and restorative treatments to choose from. We’re proud to receive many positive reviews from our patients and to have looked after generations of the same families, which is a testament to our level of care and expertise.

What’s my next step?

We’ll book you in for a virtual consultation to talk you through the process in a bit more detail, answer any questions you may have, and outline any alternative options open to you. If you’re a first-time patient of ours, we’ll take the time to ensure you get to know us – we want all our patients to feel happy and comfortable about every aspect of their dental care. We can then look to assess your smile in the chair, and as long as the treatment is suitable for you, our dentists will arrange your composite bonding appointment here in Tunbridge Wells.

*Correct at time of publication, June 2021